For those serious about maximizing fitness results, we offer a comprehensive cardio-respiratory assessment that will take you to another level. With the IMETT metabolic testing system, we precisely evaluate and monitor your aerobic fitness by determining your individual anaerobic threshold and VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption).

From non-athletes to highly trained athletes, anyone wanting serious results can obtain their specific cardio-respiratory fitness profile which can be used to create individualized weight loss, aerobic and anaerobic fitness programs. This system goes beyond just the report of test results. It takes your training to the next level by utilizing your actual V02 submax test results to create customized personal workouts and progressions helping you to achieve outstanding results.

In about 10 to 15 minutes you will be able to determine:

Anaerobic Threshold (AT) VO2 at anaerobic threshold

Heart rate at anaerobic threshold

Ventilatory threshold at AT

Estimated MAX HR Estimated VO2 Max

Knowing your anaerobic threshold will maximize your training goals as it has the ability to determine the exact heart rate training protocol based on your individual current fitness level. If you want to know more, please contact us! 


The results of a 6 weeks cardio program using the IMETT system.

What it does 

• Functional assessment of cardiac and pulmonary diseases .

• Quantification of the risk of patients with cardiomyopathy ( heart muscle disease ) .

• To program the rehabilitation of patients with heart disease or heart failure .

• To schedule training athletes . • For differential diagnosis of dyspnea ( shortness of breath) .



• Pregnant women

• Body weight above 160 pounds.



• To come or bring comfortable clothing ( coat / shoes ) .

• Do not smoke two hours before and one hour after the exam.

• Normal diet two hours before or light diet one hour before the examination ( the patient should not take the exam fasting ) .

How it's done

From cardiopulmonary test and also to verify the data of a treadmill test , is also analyzed the breath for measurements of oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production , respiratory rate and pulmonary ventilation. To do so , the patient is breathing exertion all preferably with the use of a mouthpiece (or mask , if not support the nozzle).


Are very rare, but may include: arrhythmias , heart failure , acute coronary syndromes (unstable angina, acute myocardial infarction ) and cardiopulmonary arrest .